"Michael's theatrical illustrations are eye-grabbing and immersive. Sometimes they're beautiful, tinged with the mystical; sometimes they're playful and delightful; and sometimes they're haunting. Invariably they pull

you into the world of the play and leave you wanting more.

That quality sells tickets. Michael himself is a gentleman and a total pleasure

to work with."

Michael Fellmeth - Executive Director/Broadway Play Publishing Inc.


"It was a pleasure working with Michael to bring a new and consistent look

to our season show art. His insight, talent, humor, and recommendations were welcome during our initial project, and helped to transform our diverse ideas to a cohesive season aesthetic. I look forward to working with him again."

Ed Gilchrist - Director of Marketing/Walnut Street Theatre


"It was my honor to work with Michael Voll on a project for Kentucky Opera. Michael created gorgeous artwork for our season sales brochure that not

only reflected the production but offered wit and style to the image. He's engaging and professional in every way -- listening to our needs and responding with creativity, timeliness and technical expertise. I'm excited

about getting the opportunity to work with Michael on future projects."

Michelle Winters - Director of Marketing/Kentucky Opera


"Michael is an extremely creative and solutions oriented designer. His understanding and intuition of theatre art is always spot on. One of the

things I most enjoyed about working with Michael was his assistance with deadlines. While always needing a solution "yesterday", Michael works

closely with any timeline. I look forward to working with him again on

another project."

David Griess - Sales Associate/Stages